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Group Management:


Our interventions are built through the following process:

Help top management to express a diagnosis and develop strategies appropriate to their objectives

Define areas for improvement and provide tools and methods needed

Implement areas for improvements

Review: ownership and sustainability of methods


We strive to bring out resistance or blocking factors within the company, as well as motivating factors likely to favor the change.



"On the chessboard: Movement is the key.It is in accompanying your strategy that our interventions are completely effective"



Your goals:


The objectives related to this process evolve around 3 axes:

Management performance:

Management by objectives

Delegation and activities control

Change management

Individual performance interviews

Professional interviews (Law of March 5, 2014)

Employment law for managers


Human resource management performance:

Human resource planning

Salary policy


Prevention and safety performance:

Legal framework (criminal responsibility and delegation of authority)

Safety awareness tool

Prevention and communication

safety visit




Notre Our goal is for you to take up the tools, methods and approaches customized specifically to your business.